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A Little Hiatus

It has been three months since my last blog. Where did the time go? I have been extraordinarily busy getting my practice started and working very hard. There were times that I used to dread working. I’d count the hours of the day and watch the clock slowly tick the time by. But now I pay no attention to the hour. That’s the difference created by loving what you do! I’m my own boss now (which feels great by the way), I am enjoying the change to employment law and the new type of clients that I have, and feel more confident in my skills as an attorney than ever before. There are many things in life that end up being blessings in disguise. Being sick and going through everything I did created a ton of heartache, but it also provided me with many blessings in disguise and made me prove to myself that I am a fighter, I do not give up, and I can do anything I set my mind to. I’ve become a better person and lawyer because of what I went through. I care so much less about pleasing others just to please and care so much more about righting wrongs. I enjoy navigating people through tough employment situations. Because, honestly, it is heartbreaking and stressful when you go through it. It feels like a breakup and you are personally hurt by it and worried about the future. On the other side of it though, is a rainbow. When it ends, it is freeing and you look back at it almost happy that it happened. I want to help people get to the other side of it, to let it go, and to find the happiness I have found in doing so myself. And, to find some justice. Once you are able to let it go, you don’t care about the hurt anymore, you don’t care about spite; you look in the rear view mirror and and realize all of that is behind you and you are not about to go back there because where you are headed is so much better. And I’m ready to help people get there. I’m not a psychiatrist, I’m not a life coach, but I am person with real life experience that can relate and who has come out on the other side and can help others do the same. I am human, I am authentic, and I am a lawyer seeking justice for people just like me. I truly care, I empathize, and I understand. I listen and provide solutions. I guess that is why lawyers are also called counselors. The human connection is what makes employment law so satisfying. I am so happy that the universe aligned to allow me the opportunity to do this. I’m a better lawyer because of it. I found my justice. Not in a courtroom, but it’s still justice, and the vindication is better than any judge or jury could have ever done.