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Announcing My Official Launch

I have big news. I am really doing this. My new website has launched and I am moving into my office location!

I have been working hard to get back on my feet. A few months back, I signed up with a company to launch a new website and do my marketing. It was going to take some time for them to do what they needed to do so I signed up and patiently waited while they did their magic. Then in May, I started “just looking” to see what office spaces were available in the area. I had no intention of opening a real office and just was looking for a private space to work. One listing in particular got my attention so I went and looked at it. I loved it, but decided to wait because I was scared to commit financially. Then, the landlords contacted me a week later and made me a killer deal because they wanted me in the space! I could not believe it.

A few weeks later during the same week, I picked up my keys and my new website launched. When I saw my website for the first time I was in awe. I had tears in my eyes. It is so proefessioal and it made things very real for me. For these two huge things to happen the same week is amazing and overwhelming at the same time. I am about to open MY OWN professional office and I have a very professional website and will be marketing my firm! A part of me cannot believe it.

Even when I was healthy, I would not have ever thought I could or would not only accomplish this but also be capable of running my own firm. The third anniversary of the surgery I had that led to my health issues is in August. I was so malnutrutioned that I was close to death only 18 months ago. At that time, I thought that I would never practice law again. I did not know if I would ever be able to get out of bed every day let alone go back to work. I worried I would lose everything, which I almost had, and I worried for my kids’ future without a mother or at least without the mother they once knew. Today, not only am I going back to work, but I have redesigned my life and my practice and I am happier than I have ever been. My work is satisfying to me personally and I care about what I do.

While I am happy and proud of everything I have overcome and accomplished, I am also emotionally overwhelmed. Many people have not seen me in years and do not recognize me. When they do realize it is me, the reaction is sometimes difficult for me to take. I am extremely thin, I get random skin breakouts that I never did before, my hair is very short, and I have some nerve damage that is probably not obvious to others, but is to me and so I am self-conscious of it. Admittedly, seeing people who haven’t seen me this way is one of the most difficult things for me. I try to do it in small doses. So, opening my doors and planning an open house is a HUGE deal for me. But, I am ready. The only way I can overcome this is to face it and that is what I am going to do because I will not let anything negative hold me back. I never have. I have faced some real ups and downs in life, but I have always overcome, and I am doing just that in this situation.

During my illness, I also experienced some enlightening interactions with colleagues and friends. I found out the ugly truth about many, and while some of these things caused me great pain, I have grown from them and moved on. One of my favorite quotes has always been “Feed me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.” I am back and I am working hard for that top spot. I am not spiteful toward anyone or anything that has occurred. I figure that karma will eventually do its job, but I do take great satisfaction in knowing that I am making a comeback and experiencing success and I hope that those who did me wrong notice. The best revenge is success, but I am not doing this for revenge on those who have wronged me. I am doing this for me.

I don’t know how manyh times in the last week I have said to myself, “I cant believe I am doing this.” I don’t know what I am so worried about. Worrying is a family trait so I cannot help myself. So what if I fail? What is failure, really? From my point of view, you cannot find success unless you fail a few times, which I have and am certain will continue to do from time to time. But, when I fail, I find a way to fix my failure and turn it into success. I have repeatedly reassured myself that I do not give up. There are times that I owul dlike to and some days I think I will, but it just is not who I am at my core. I get knocked down, but I always get back up. I always fight the fight. And I am always okay, even when I fail. Even when bad things happen, I find that once they pass, I have learned something and I overcome. I have always turned a bad thing into a good thing and in the long run, not once have I ever wished the bad thing away. I have convinced myself that opening the office and engaging in this marketing campaign really isn’t that scary. I will be just fine and so will the firm. I have a ton of things to do and a lot to learn about running a business, but I am always open to learning and I work hard. I know that I can do whatever is required to be successful. Soon I will be smoothly running the business and forget that I once did not know how.

I am very excited to see how Sapphire Legal does and what it does as a business. I am excited to meet my future employees and clients. I am excited to be a local business owner. I am excited to be my own boss. I am also excited to be the kind of employer that I want to be, and that I wish I had in previous jobs. I am looking forward to the relationships I will develop with my team and their families. I am happy that I will not be looked down on for treating everyone on my team as equals to me and everyone else. I am excited to be the lawyer that I have always wanted to be; to treat my clients well and be able to focus on them instead of the billable hour. I am happy to practice law the way that I want to, to take my time and do a good job, to not feel pressured to bill. I am hapopoy that I can reduce my fees if I want to because I would rather see my client recoup more since I am already making money or to take a case pro bono without having to get the approval of ten people aove me or answer questions about how mjuch of my time it will take up. I am excited to add a caring and humane aspect to the practice of law. I am excited that I can finally be ME.

This is what I was destined to do and be. I am happy that I figured it out and have made it here. I have many years of work left in life and I am certain that there will be bumps in the road. But, I truly believe that the good things will happen more often than the bad. Life can really throw you some curve balls, but if you really want something and work hard for it, life can bring you happiness and pride that you did not ever think was possible. I am living proof that you can come back from anything to achieve your dreams.